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In the 19th century life in St Ives centered around the harbour and the fishing industry, particularly pilchards and mackerel. The Cobbles is a holiday let situated in the former fisherman’s quarter in Back Road West. The photo shown below is of a Pilchard Press which was taken from a property nearby and illustrates what would have originally been housed at The Cobbles. In 1870 fishing boats took out long seine nets to enclose shoals of pilchards. When caught, the mass of fish was scooped out with baskets in to smaller boats and transported to shore. They were then pressed and salted in cellars such as the one formerly found at The Cobbles. The Cobbles takes its name from the stones removed when the cellar was converted to living accommodation and can now be found at the front of the property forming the current parking spaces. The property has now been converted into a holiday let and still retains the charm of the original cottage whilst offering clean and comfortable accommodation. Fortunately, the smell of fish has long gone!

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“Lovely comfy cottage. Would stop here again.”

Mrs Moseley Dec 2021

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